Work Day

7:00 AM

1. Arrive at the Chapel Hills Church building: 2025 Parliament Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908.
2. Sign liability and model release forms.
3. Light breakfast will be provided.
4. Receive workday address and map.
5. Depart for workday location in your own vehicle. (If you have a pickup, please consider driving it as we might need some help transporting materials.)

8:00 AM

Arrive at work site and begin painting houses, construction projects and cleaning up yards.

12 Noon

Eat lunch together!

3:30 pm

Finish work and clean up!

What to Bring


Sack Lunch
Paint Brush

If Possible

Work gloves
Step ladders
Brushes and Rollers (These will likely not be returned to you.)
Roller extension poles
Plastic sheeting
Lawn tools; i.e. rakes, clippers, shovels, etc.

Note: Please mark your names on any of this equipment that you want to be returned. If not, it will either be disposed of or added to our inventory for future Springs Initiative workdays.